Five inspiring podcasts about sustainability

5 podcasts

Need a new podcast for your daily walk in the park? Or do you want to take the first step into a sustainable world? Podcasts are the best way to learn more about sustainability. You can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want and it will give your daily dose of fresh air a huge boost. The podcast tips below can be a great first step towards living a little greener.

When you need inspiration in your quest to a more eco-friendly life, the podcast “The Green Heart” might be something for you. It is a podcast of growthinkers in which Jelle Derckx and Saskia Mulder are looking for the green heart of their guests. In the interviews, well-known and less well-known guests tell how they keep their green hearts beating. The interviews are full of good tips and examples to give your life a green boost. Sounds like music to your ears? Then this podcast is definitely for you! Listen here to the podcast.

Sounds sustainability a little unfamiliar to you, but you love to know more about this hot item? Then “Sustainability Defined” is the perfect match. Jake and Scott explain all aspects of sustainability in a fun way. Each episode focuses on a different topic, such as sustainable beauty products, food waste and green schools. Listen here.

A brand new podcast you don’t want to miss is “The Green Girls Club” of Marieke van den Berg. A podcast were women with a green heart can dive deeper into an eco-friendly life. Every week Marieke talks to an expert about different topics such as: sustainable travel, a sustainable childhood, and what plant-based food does for our health. The Green Girl Club is also a community for women who are looking for a place to share their questions and insights, but also to get inspired about green living. Listen to the podcast here.

In these modern world, sustainability is not only know in Belgium but it’s a topic that takes place far beyond our country borders. In the podcast “Sustainable Jungle” you travel to different continents and get an idea of the global developments around sustainability. Every month Lyall and Joy interview inspiring people from the farthest corners of the world who dedicate their lives to the environment. This podcast is inspiring and will give you a boost to do your bit for our planet. Listen to the podcast here.

The podcast “Ethical conversations” is one that wanted to bring a green light during the Covid-19 pandemic. This podcast has recently been released but comes to you on weekly basis for inspiring conversations with sustainable bloggers, designers, writers and more. The topics discussed range from ethical fashion and sustainable travel to eco-friendly living, all with a personal touch. The podcast is accessible for everyone who wants to understand and learn more about sustainable, ecological and ethical topics. Highly recommended, listen here.

Enjoy listening!