Add a festival feeling to your summer with Komrads

Boo-hoo, this year’s festival season is practically cancelled. All music festivals are put on hold. We can learn to live with it or…  this could be the summer to conjure up your own mini-festival at home or visit a summer bar with live music. That calls for a comfy, summer-proof canvas sneaker don’t you think?

Time to dance around (safely) in your ICNS

If you can’t go to the festivals, the festivals can come to you! Stream a live music event on a portable sound system in your garden or find a great festival themed playlist and stream it from your phone.

ICNS Spartak chrome. The low-profile silhouette and minimal detailing make it exceptionally versatile.

Ultimate (at home) festival footwear

If full comfort is what you’re after, Komrads has got your back. The ICNS high-top sneaker has got great support and a firm design.

Komrads ICNS are…

  • Firm & strong
  • Available in 15(!) colors
  • High-top or low-top
  • Reliable, comfortable and never out of style
  • Easy to clean

What happened to our red soles?

If you’re an OG ‘komrad’ you might remember our canvas sneakers used to have a red sole. Here’s why that’s no longer a thing:

We noticed that the red soles wear out a lot faster. That’s why we replaced them with a camel sole made out of mixed rubber. They’re more durable, sustainable and keep their shape longer. The current design of the sole is specifically made to ensure your sneaker will last longer.

Discover all of our festival sneakers here.

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