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The most sustainable sneaker? Komrads APL!

The most sustainable and vegan sneaker is made out of re-used and recycled materials. All we use to make Komrads APL is: eco apple leather, recycled rubber, re-used pet bottles & reycled cotton. We don’t compromise on quality, comfort or design. So, we design sneakers with great respect for the planet we live on. What […]

How to keep apple leather clean & fresh?

Our APL sneaker is made of apple leather and colored with biological paint.  But do you know how to clean apple leather? Wondering whether you can just cleanse them like regular leather sneakers? We’ve got all the answers for you. Just keep on reading. Apple leather: strong & naturally UV resistant Let’s be honest: the […]

Komrads APL is PETA-approved vegan

We’re so proud to announce that Komrads APL has been certified cruelty-free by PETA! (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) It’s an acknowledgement of our broader commitment to the planet. PETA-Approved Vegan What does that label mean? Well, our Komrads APL sneakers are free from any animal products and byproducts. No animals are used, […]

Spotify playlist to keep you movin’ and groovin’

Is it friday yet? Nope, but here’s a playlist to make you feel like it is. Put this playlist on repeat and listen to our summer faves all day long! Fabulous footwear, rock ‘n’ roll & pop There is nothing like the feeling of your sneakers hitting the dancefloor to the beat of your favorite […]

Add a festival feeling to your summer with Komrads

Boo-hoo, this year’s festival season is practically cancelled. All music festivals are put on hold. We can learn to live with it or…  this could be the summer to conjure up your own mini-festival at home or visit a summer bar with live music. That calls for a comfy, summer-proof canvas sneaker don’t you think? […]

Komrads Partizan Black & White featured in a book

‘Leloo’s Journey’ ( Dutch: De reis van Leloo) is the first Dutch children’s book by writer Nathalie De Jongh and illustrator Matthieu Pelhate, both Belgian creators. If you flip through the book you’ll notice something very special… You may not see it straight away, but the main character Leloo is wearing her trusty Komrads the […]

How to shine in our lookbook

When ‘a komrad’ unites with a fellow Komrad, they notice they’ve got something in common. Their love for sneakers. Let’s all unite together and share our “luv” for sneakers. Use #komrads or #komradsworld to be part of our community of friends. How to make the perfect Instagram picture 1. Daylight Daylight is essential for a lovely photo. It makes […]