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How to shine in our lookbook

When ‘a komrad’ unites with a fellow Komrad, they notice they’ve got something in common. Their love for sneakers. Let’s all unite together and share our “luv” for sneakers. Use #komrads or #komradsworld to be part of our community of friends. How to make the perfect Instagram picture 1. Daylight Daylight is essential for a lovely photo. It makes […]

Contributing to the Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week 2020 is still upon us. Today especially, we take a moment to remember the tragic event at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, exactly 7 years ago. Every year Fashion Revolution inspires thousands of brands around the world, including Komrads, to be transparent. Komrads APL: a genuine solution to the problem To […]

Featuring Lenah de Wit @ De ModeFabriek Amsterdam

In January 2019 Komrads was invited to show off at The Modefabriek in Amsterdam, an inspirational event for fashionistas and creative minds. For this occasion, we invited Lenah de Wit to do cool stuff with our beloved sneakers. Lenah is a young and super talented graphic designer from Antwerp, and big fan of Komrads. So […]