Contributing to the Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week 2020 is still upon us. Today especially, we take a moment to remember the tragic event at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, exactly 7 years ago. Every year Fashion Revolution inspires thousands of brands around the world, including Komrads, to be transparent.

Komrads APL: a genuine solution to the problem

To this day, there are still myriad problems that continue to afflict our planet and that are connected to the fashion industry. Komrads APL is here to provide a genuine solution to the problem:


Being transparent about ‘composition’ is one of this years themes of the Fashion Revolution Week, that’s why they launched #WhatsInMyClothes. At Komrads, we fully disclose what our sneakers are made of:

● Upper: eco apple leather ( – Yes, it’s vegan!)

● Sole: 100% recycled pure rubber

● Lining: recycled PET bottles & cotton

● Insole: recycled carbon

As it’s Fashion Revolution Week 2020 you can enjoy 20% off when buying a pair of APL’s.

Using the unused to make something new

Sneakers made of apple leather? We know, crazy right? We use waste from the apple juice Industry. This waste (apple peel and core) is developed into a new raw material, an ecological alternative to leather.

Our promise

Komrads contributes to a fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment. We focus on a better way of producing with respect for people & planet, being fair, being transparent and though staying stylish. Check out our promise to find out more.

We’re proud to be on the path of continuous improvement toward a more sustainable and circular economy.

By supporting sustainable brands like us, you are championing a new kind of fashion. Komrads is part of a revolution, will you join us?

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