Featuring Lenah de Wit @ De ModeFabriek Amsterdam

In January 2019 Komrads was invited to show off at The Modefabriek in Amsterdam, an inspirational event for fashionistas and creative minds.

For this occasion, we invited Lenah de Wit to do cool stuff with our beloved sneakers. Lenah is a young and super talented graphic designer from Antwerp, and big fan of Komrads. So what is cooler than white Komrads? Yes off course, white Komrads pimped with fantastic creations of Lenah herself. She customized every pair of Komrads with a whole lotta love ánd her own colorful designs. The result was amazing and the reactions ditto.

And even better news for you: we still have some left overs for sale (Only 64,95€)! Want some unique collector’s item on your feeth? PM us at mark@komrads.world

Beautiful KOMRADS-ART (or KOM_ART as we call it) by Lenah