Get ready for spring with Komrads APL

Girl on skateboard wearing the Komrads Apple green sneakers

The grayness of winter is almost over. Soon the apple trees will be in full bloom and all we can think about these days is how much we’re looking forward to spring. ‘t is the season to WEAR “apples”, so we’ve created a lookbook with our favorite spring outfit ideas paired with apple leather sneakers.

Colorful sneakers, easy to combine

For us, sneakers are a year-round wardrobe staple. But they’re especially indispensable in spring. Don’t let a touch of color limit you with your looks. The Komrads APL sneakers with a hint of blue, green or red are easier to combine than you’d think.

How can you style Komrads APL?

Practically any way you want. You can pair them with skirts or dresses and they feel especially fresh with a suit:

Life is too short to wear boring socks!

You can wear “invisible” ankle socks in your APL’s, that will look super clean and minimal or you can go for something more bold. Like this fun pair of sheer socks. They may not keep your feet warm, but your ankles will have never looked so good!

Very pale blue jeans are excellent for spring. Worn with white, your outfit will look clean and smooth. Dark denim on white sneakers is like the yin-yang in fashion. It creates the perfect balance.

Yes, you can wear dungarees and still look like an adult (while keeping your inner child alive). It doesn’t matter if you call these overalls or dungarees. One thing’s for sure: they’re the ultimate go-to comfy and easy to wear outfit. Classic denim dungarees are always a good option, but you might as well try some minty green linen overalls. They’ll look great on the APL’s in “Apple Green”.

If you need further proof that red and camel make the perfect team, check out this next outfit:

The white sneaker trend shows no signs of slowing down, but with a touch of red they look even more trendy (especially on these pants if you ask us).

Apple green & cotton-candy pink

Pink and green should never be seen together? We don’t agree! It’s actually a surprisingly fun color combo: our APL’s in “Apple Green” look slick paired with some cotton-candy pink trousers.

Feeling inspired by these outfits ideas? Take a look in our shop and create your own look!