Happy International Apple Day!

International APL day

This planet needs you to give a shit. So let’s make a difference. Feet first! That’s why we make sneakers out of apples…

Did you know that on the 21th of October it is International Apple Day? It’s an annual celebration for apples and orchards. For us it’s a special day, a day that has been written in bold on our calendar for a long time. Maybe you saw the big news already on our socials? If not… Komrads has new arrivals!

We introduce the high top sneaker to our sustainable collection. A sneaker with a basic retro design created with apple leather. A design that was already long on the table and now we share it with you. Besides our high tops are also available in our favorite colors black & white. We hope you like them too!

A green sneaker on your foot

We committed to create a sneaker that won’t harm our planet. With this in mind we made sneakers entirely of re-used and recycled materials, without having to harvest any natural resources. A sneaker that didn’t involve killing or harming animals or chopping down rainforests and replacing them with huge rubber plantations. 

So yes, also this time we go for a touch of apple! The upper of the sneaker is made from apple eco leather. The production of apple products is faced every year with a significant amount of waste. This waste, mostly apple peel and core is developed into a new raw material called apple leather. Apple eco leather is a durable, high-quality alternative to animal based leather. YEY animal lives are saved!  

The apple leather consists of at least 60% apple fiber, mixed with resin, water, flour and a natural glue.

Apple leather: how does it feel, smell? 

No worries, you don’t smell like an apple when you wear our APL sneakers. They are odorless. Apple leather is as durable as traditional leather and is still able to supply the same soft touch and comfortable feel.

So why not opt for a sustainable sneaker?

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