How to shine in our lookbook

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How to make the perfect Instagram picture

1. Daylight

Daylight is essential for a lovely photo. It makes your picture so much more beautiful! The best time is in the morning or just in the evening. Then the sun doesn’t shine so bright. This gives you the most beautiful effect and you have no annoying shadows

2.Edit the picture

There are a lot of apps nowadays that allow you to edit your pictures. Most of them swear by Afterlight but editing photos is done a lot with lightroom (you can download the app on your computer and phone) and the VSCO app and sometimes a bit with Instagram. Playing with the light is definitely an added value. Try playing on Instagram with the buttons brightness, heat, saturation, shadow, accents and vignette.


This is an important part. You want the object you are going to photograph to be the focus of the picture. Provide a background that makes the object stand out. Choose a simple and neutral background. This way all the attention goes to wherever you want it to go.

4. Focus on one specific object (Komrads 😉 )

Then you don’t need Instagram’s blurring tool afterwards. You can choose the focus of your photo by tapping your phone screen when you want to take a photo. So tap first, then take the photo. Looks a lot more professional right away.

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