Our iconic sneaker wrapped in a sustainable jacket

boy & girl wearing komrads new icns collection vegan sneakers

Finally it is here, our ICNS 2.0 collection. The iconic classic you know, but better! The arrival of the APL trainer made us think twice about taking the ICNS to the next level. With the Komrads philosophy in mind, we thought it was time to make a sustainable switch with the ICNS as well.

The ICNS collection is the building block of the whole Komrads adventure. The road you walk can sometimes take an unexpected turn, it’s up to you to do something good with it. So with the ICNS, we decided to go in a new direction. Not only by introducing a sustainable version, but all new sustainable ICNS will eventually be collected instead of simply thrown away. Then they will be completely ground up and processed again! We don’t want to put the final responsibility on the consumer, but on ourselves.


Also with the new ICNS we keep our promise to produce a sneaker that’s fashionable and doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort. A sneaker for which no natural raw materials have to be harvested and which is made entirely of recycled materials.

Of course the cool, iconic design of the ICNS and heritage has been retained! New is the sole made of 100% recycled rubber, the fabric is made of 100% recycled cotton and PET bottles, as well as the laces. No more metal rings and the insole is removable and made of recycled carbon (Arnetech insole). The production has also been moved from Slovakia to Portugal, where sustainable production and the best working conditions are guaranteed.

As with the APL collection, the new ICNS scores high on sustainability. Curious about the scores? You will find them highlighted on our website next to every product.


We strongly believe that the only viable future is a circular future. Therefore our products are made to last and built to recycle. Why? 97% of sneakers currently end up in landfill and less than 1% of material used to produce fashion is recycled into new clothing. Ourplanet suffers severely under the weight of our fashion and consumption industry. We need to act now for our future generations. Our planet’s resources are limited. This irreversible fact drives us to create full-circle footwear & apparel and encourage the many people to become #KomradsOfTheFuture.