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Komrads ICNS 2.0

This month… with every purchase of Komrads sneakers you get one pair of FREE Hero On Socks. Order a pair of Komrads (APL’s or ICNS) and we pick out a nice pair of Hero On Socks for you.

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        Finally they are here! The classics you know, but better! We made the switch to a fully sustainable canvas sneaker without changing the iconic design. Within the philosophy of Komrads we make the cult classic sustainable.

The creation of the Komrads APL made us think further but also looking back. So began the quest to revisit our very first iconic sneaker and reproduce it using only sustainable materials.

New is the sole made of 100% recycled rubber, the fabric is 100% recycled cotton and PET bottles, as well as the laces. No more metal rings and the insole is removable and made of recycled carbon (Arnetech insole). Production has also been moved from Slovakia to Portugal, where sustainable production and the best working conditions are guaranteed.