Komrads’ favourite surfspots in Portugal

Are you feeling kind off wavey? Well look no further, because these are our top picks to go surfing in Portugal!

#1 Ericeira:

This place is sometimes called the surf capital of Europe, as it is well known for the excellent waves. However, the town does not feel touristy at all, it has managed to keep a relaxed and low-key atmosphere. Ericeira has some beautiful nature along its coastlines with massive cliffs bordering the beaches. Other than that, it is easily accessible as it is close to Lisbon.

#2 Monte Clérigo – Praia do monte Clérigo

If you don’t like long walks to the beach, this is the place for you. The small fisherman village is right at the edge of the beautiful monte Clérigo beach where you can wake up every day with a stunning view. However, if you want to go to a larger place to go dining or shopping, the city of Aljezur is just 10 kilometers away.

#3 Peniche – Medão Grande/Supertubos

This place is known to be one of the best surfing spots in the world, as the town yearly hosts the surfing rip curl world cup. It’s famous waves are incorporated in the name “Supertubos”, which basically means very tubular waves like pipelines. So, we recommend you to be an advanced surfer if you want to visit this small town with around 15.000 inhabitants. If you are not, you can still enjoy nice walks on the beautiful beaches in the sun or watch the pros do their thing on the waves.

We at Komrads do not only adore Portugal for the amazing surf spots. We also have a special relationship with the country as our sneakers are produced there! We cherish the people who make our Komrads and that is why we not only provide the best possible work environment for them, but also want to help them by keeping their shores clean by battling ocean pollution. Komrads uses plastic from the oceans to create sneakers for the OCNS collection, check them out in the shop! This way we hope to preserve these amazing surfing spots for many years to come!