Komrads featuring Stake!

NEWS FLASH! Move over Black Friday and make way for Release Thursday! Cis Deman will not only release his bands new album ‘Critical Method’ in AB Brussels he will also release a brand new design he specially made for our Komrads line. Catch em both, if you can. This thursday on november 28th.

 28th november the band Stake is having their official release gig of the album ‘Critical Method’ in Ancienne Belgique Brussels. For this occasion we let Cis design his own Komrads shoes. You can order the high or low model now online in our webstore here.

About Cis Deman & Komrads Partizan Crayon:

We proudly present to you the Komrads Partizan Crayon. A shoe colour picked by Cis Deman for our brand. Cis is lead guitar player in the metal band ‘Stake’ and is also a Mariachi-dj, well known by the name ‘EL CIS’.He picked these colours because they match almost every outfit, and wether you think they represent clownshoes, the colours of the rebelflag or Le Tricolore, the choice is yours.