Komrads for a better Planet

Mother nature calls! 

At KOMRADS we make sustainable Sneakers from organic materials as Rubber and Canvas!

Materials that are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly. We created a sneaker that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly but also social responsible.

But we do more… It is inevitable that we have a footprint, although we do our very best to reduce it to a minimum. Therefore we compensate this fact by helping “Stash your trash” to make this planet a better place! 



Let’s NOT be part of the problem, but of the SOLUTION

Sustainability is part of our DNA

Did you know that the Fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry after the oil industry? The current system for producing, distributing, and using clothing & Shoes operates in an almost completely linear way. Large amounts of nonrenewable resources are extracted to produce clothes and shoes that are often used for only a short period!  There are many aspects to sustainability including energy usage, water consumption, ability to recycle and social responsibility

We want to take on this challenge: KOMRADS incorporates sustainability at all the levels of our company, we made it part of our DNA.

Materials we use: 

The natural materials used for our products are precious, and it is of utmost importance to us that they do not go to waste. That is why we use mixed rubber and not synthetic rubbers or plastics.

The canvas is undeniably the most loved part of the shoe. But did you know that the canvas fabric is actually very sustainable? That’s because the canvas is produced through sustainable fabrication methods and materials.



The way we produce: 

We are one of the few sneaker brands still producing in Europe. We offer more than the minimal EU wages, and have excellent work conditions in our factories in Slovakia

It is inevitable that we have a footprint, although we do our very best to reduce it to a minimum. That is way we are not only very conscious of the materials we use and the way we produce our sneakers, but we want to do more… compensate the footprint we make.