Komrads Partizan Black & White featured in a book

Leloo’s Journey’ ( Dutch: De reis van Leloo) is the first Dutch children’s book by writer Nathalie De Jongh and illustrator Matthieu Pelhate, both Belgian creators. If you flip through the book you’ll notice something very special… You may not see it straight away, but the main character Leloo is wearing her trusty Komrads the entirety of the story. Later on, you also see the other characters showing up with their Komrads. We feel very honored to be featured in this magical book.

Partizan Black & White: pair them with overalls

Alright alright… we admit that we’re a bit biased. But you’ve got to admit: Leloo looks legendary in our Partizan Black & White sneakers. They look awesome paired with her overalls and stripy T-shirt, don’t you think? Leloo is amiable, but tough & cool at the same time. She and the Partizan Black & White are the perfect match if you ask us. In the book she makes a journey from the dark to the light. Maybe that’s why she’s wearing our sneakers that are both dark & light? Or maybe we’re digging too deep now… The Partizan Black & White is a great choice either way, Leloo (and of course Nathalie & Matthieu, who brought her to life).

What’s the book about?

The Journey of Leloo is a modern-day fairy tale about a contemporary heroine. It’s a heartwarming story for all ages. Like a true traditional fairy tale, it of course has words of wisdom in it.

During her journey, Leloo discovers her own powers and learns how to use them. The story is all about socialization, pushing boundaries, self-love and positivity. The creators of the book started up a crowdfunding to be able to publish it. Within 3 weeks they gathered no less than 9000 euros (after 40 days, they gathered more than 11.000 euros – it was a real rollercoaster ride). Great job guys!

Why Komrads?

When Matthieu, the illustrator, was visualizing the characters, he tried out different hairstyles and clothing to make them look modern and cool. He wanted the characters to stand out and be recognizable to young readers. Once Matthieu had to decide which shoes Leloo & her friends would wear, he instantly started sketching some Komrads. In ‘Leloo’s Journey’,  Leloo and her friends go on an adventure together, and what better shoes to wear on a long journey than some comfortable sneakers, right?

Leloo deserves a special place in our hearts, but also at Komrads HQ! We’ll be hanging one of the drawings from the book on our wall.

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You can find ‘De reis van Leloo’ in bookstores in Belgium and the Netherlands. Or order it online!