Our factory is certified!

Recently our factory in Portugal has obtained several certifications from global institutes. And that is on top of the ones that they already have!

The factory has regained its status for the second year in a row and is officially PME Lider 2021. Created by IAPMEI to distinguish the best small or medium-sized companies based in Portugal with superior performance. This achievement was possible thanks to the amazing team at the factory!

Furthermore, the factory also obtained a certificate of self assessment with the Higg Index from the sustainable apparel coalition.  This index is central to their vision of transforming businesses for exponential impact. The Higg Index portrays a suite of tools for the standardized measurement of value chain sustainability. It assesses performances of social and environmental performances of the value chain and products. The certificate covers topics like water use, carbon emissions, labor conditions, consumer goods brands, retailers, manufacturers, governments, NGOs, and consumers to further improve their sustainability strategies.