Why do we love the Belgian sea? 

We have a special love for the Belgian coastline because Komrads is a Belgian brand. We only have a small country in this large world and therefore want to preserve our beautiful beaches as much as we can. 

With our OCNS collection, we use plastic from the oceans and seas to make our sneakers and help to keep these beaches clean. 

Because everybody prefers clean beaches to spend their holidays, we will show you some of the best hotspots to drink your cocktails on the Belgian coastline.

Monroe Beach, Knokke

Knokke is one of the most famous places on the Belgian coast and thus naturally comes with a lot of great bars and restaurants. Well, Monroe Beach is one of those great bars. It is a glamorous beach bar with a great variety of drinks on the menu, while you can enjoy the sunset with some lounge music in the background. 

Blue Buddha Beachclub, Oostende

This place is one of the most trendy lounge clubs in the city. If you happen to pass by it is a must. It is located right at the beach so you can enjoy a cocktail with your toes in the sand while enjoying the sunset.

Café Akotee, De Haan

De Haan is a very cozy place at the coast where tourism is limited compared to places like Knokke or Oostende. However, they still have some amazing hotspots to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Café Akotee is mostly known for its wide assortment of gin-tonics. They serve 120 different types of gin and 25 tonics. So there is definitely plenty of choice for the connoisseurs.

The Pharmacy, Knokke

Another fantastic bar in Knokke is The Pharmacy, this place is known for their wide variety and innovative assortment of cocktails. Definitely the place to be at the end of a beach day or start an exciting evening.

Beach Village, Koksijde 

Beach Village is a little bit different from the previous mentions, but is an optimal choice when you are on vacation with your kids. The Village consists of entertainment for the children like bouncy castles, trampolines and pedelecs, while you can sit in the beach bar right next to it. So, you can just lay back and enjoy a peaceful moment while your children are having a great time.

We hope you might stop by one of these places and have an amazing day. But, remember to clean up after yourselves and keep the beaches waste-free!