UPPER: Apple Eco Leather

The Apple Eco leather is produced using waste from the apple juice Industry.
The production of apple products is faced every year with a significant amount of waste.This waste (Apple peel and core) is developed into a new raw material, an ecological alternative to leather.
The result is a cellulose-based material with at least 50% of recycled apple fiber. A versatile, durable, bio-based and high-quality alternative to leather with a low environmental impact.

Company partner Frumat received the Technology and Innovation Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan last year.

SOLE: 100% recycled rubber

The rubber we use is 100% recycled from car tires and other sneaker soles, and colored with biological paint. The rubber is strong and from outstanding quality.
The main reason we choose consciously for recycled rubber is off course to reduce waste drastically, but also for fighting the pervert effect that every year 18M of hectares of Rain Forest is felled and replaced by great swathes of palm oil trees and rubber plantations. At current rates, the Rain Forest will vanish altogether in 100 years. This massive deforestation of the lungs of the earth is one of the main reasons the climate change is occurring.

LINING AND LACES: recycled cotton and plastic bottles

Recycled cotton is re-purposed, post-industrial or post-consumer cotton that would otherwise be deemed straight up: waste for the landfill. Depending on how recycled cotton is used, it has the potential to greatly reduce water and energy consumption in sustainable fashion and apparel, as well as reduce landfill waste and space.

INSOLE: recycled carbon

Why creating something new, if it already exists, stands out in quality and in perfect harmony with the environment?
We buy our insoles directly from the Arnetech fabric, Arneplant. Arnetech is a polyurethane foam developed entirely from flexible recycled materials specially for the production of anti-static & breathable insoles. Its key component is active carbon.

Carbon is a plant-based substance that has absorbing properties, which together with breathability and desorption properties of Arnetech eliminates moisture and thermal sensation, and therefore unwanted odours.

Arnetech is a material specially designed and developed by Arneplant in perfect harmony with the environment, used to manufacture the base of anti-static insoles, with excellent physical and mechanical properties.

PACKAGING: FSC-PEFC certified paper

You receive your sneakers in 100% recycled boxes and paper produced in Portugal with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certifications.

These certificates guarantee the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

You can be sure it’s been made from responsible sources. In this way, both certifications help forests remain thriving environments for generations to come, by helping you make ethical and responsible choices.