Spice up your shoelace game

Tying our shoelaces is usually the last thing we do before we leave the house and the first thing we undo when we enter it. Do we ever ask ourselves how those laces got through those eyelets? No, we don’t. Like brainless zombies we just stick to the “normal”, criss-cross method of lacing shoes for our entire lives. This blog post shall end this criss-cross-normativity life.

Explorers have travelled land and sea to bring us new, exotic ways to spice up our shoe game and we’ve selected our top 3 favorite shoe lacing methods!

1.Twisty Lacing

After bopping and pulling it, it’s time to twist it! The twisty lacing method is probably the most decorative technique of the three. It’s amazing how a little bit of looping and knotting can change a sneaker’s entire personality. Definitely worth a try!

2.Ladder Lacing

Walking under a ladder is supposed to bring bad luck? Not with the ladder lacing method. This charming way of lacing up your shoes will make you the coolest kid on the playground, who’s guaranteed to get lucky.

3. Bow Tie Lacing

Have you ever been annoyed by people who judged you for combining a tux with sneakers? This is your time to shut them up. The bow tie lacing method ups your sneakers’ fanciness by about 75% and your entire outfit’s by 120%.

Have we awakened the hunger for more new shoe lacing methods inside of you? Then Ian’s Shoelace Site is the place to be. A true shoe lacing’s enthusiast’s heaven.

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