Spotify playlist to keep you movin’ and groovin’

Is it friday yet? Nope, but here’s a playlist to make you feel like it is. Put this playlist on repeat and listen to our summer faves all day long!

Fabulous footwear, rock ‘n’ roll & pop

There is nothing like the feeling of your sneakers hitting the dancefloor to the beat of your favorite jams. Music and sneakers truely go hand in hand. If you enjoy sneakers as much as we do, why not celebrate fabulous footwear with a playlist full of rock ‘n’ roll and pop? We made this playlist for a further connection to all music lovers.

Scroll down to press play or click here to stream.

Summer & festival sneaker: ICNS Crayon

Perhaps the most beloved shoe of this season is the sneaker. Why? It’s practical. Whether you travel near or far or not at all… this summer is about what you make of it. Take this playlist with you and feel the summer & festival vibes anywhere you go. Our “festival feeling” playlist showcases various artists, mostly Belgian artists, such as Stake. We collaborated with their lead singer to create the ‘crayon’ ICNS sneaker.

ICNS Partizan Crayon – find them in our SHOP

Not afraid to step out of the line

Our ICNS are appealing to a community of dreamers, creators, musicians and believers. People who wear Komrads ICNS are not afraid to step out of the line. We’ve created this playlist to keep you inspired and entertained, to keep you movin’ and groovin’.

Lace up your ICNS, take a listen and get moving!

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