How to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe?

sustainable capsule wardrobe

Did you know that 80% of the time you wear only 20% of your clothes? That’s a lot of clothes you barely wear or don’t wear at all. Do you recognise yourself in this? Then the idea of the capsule wardrobe might be interesting for you.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

With a capsule wardrobe, the idea is that you are less likely to buy new clothes. It is a selection of your most favourite clothes that you can easily combine. Usually the number of pieces in a traditional capsule wardrobe is limited to 33 (Project 333– Courtney Carver). Depending on the season, you have other items of clothing that you can exchange. You can create a maximum of 4 capsule wardrobes per year, one for each season ;-). Of course, you still choose how far you want to go. The main thing is that you put together your ideal wardrobe, combine the items in different ways and don’t buy anything new during this period. The items that are usually not part of your capsule wardrobe are: underwear, sportswear, socks and accessories.

How do you put together your ideal capsule wardrobe?

Start by opening your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces. Get to work with these pieces and make sure you can create ‘endless’ combinations. A winter coat, a woolen jumper, some basic t-shirts, a maxi dress, a blazer… are some examples that are ideal for your winter capsule wardrobe.

On these numbers you can focus for each season: 6 pairs of shoes, 8 bottom pieces (trousers, skirts), 19 Tops (jackets, dresses, pullovers, cardigans, blouses, tops, T-shirts)

When you start putting together your capsule wardrobe for the next season, there are of course always clothing items that you can take with you, such as a pullover or t-shirt. The seasonal items you replace.

A sustainable wardrobe

When you select your wardrobe with care, you can also opt for sustainable clothing, made from recycled materials and produced according to ethical standards. Moreover, with a capsule wardrobe you also ensure a lower impact. Because you buy less (fast fashion), your impact on our planet is lower. A win-win situation right? We already picked our favourite items… now it’s up to you!

Komrads capsule wardrobe

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