We vote green! What about you?

Year 2020

Maybe one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hunting for the best deals. Some of you are waiting for a long time for this day, postponed all purchases until now. Name it ‘Black Friday’. 
We all are familiar with this day. The most of you have already participated once, but from our point of view Black Friday doesn’t fit in our mindset. Of course we know that sales are attractive and that you can save a lot of money. But it’s sensible to think twice before you buy something.

But why? 

Here are some facts which you don’t immediately think about when you press the ‘buy’ button.

For the most retailers Black Friday is a profitable day, but the smaller ones often pay off. Small retailers don’t have the strength to compete against the discounts offered by large retailers, although these days force them to take part anyway. 

Do you remember the Rana Plaza disaster? It became clear who pays the actual price for your ridiculously cheap t-shirt that ends up on the rubbish dump after one season. Hundreds of people work in bad working conditions to make all these clothing. That’s not fair right? These Black Friday side effects harm our planet. Both man and nature.

You can make a difference

Do you ever ask yourself: who made my clothes? Where do they come from? Decide for yourself which brands you want to support and which values that are important for you. After that, you can start looking for brands who match with your requirements. 

It is good to be conscious of your purchases, do I really need this? Should I still buy it when it’s not on sale? If the answer is NO: just don’t do it! And if you really want to buy something, look for a brand, product that’s sustainable.

Hello Green Friday

Fortunately the attention for sustainability is growing. In response to Black Friday there’s Green Friday. A good initiative for brands to come out with a green message. 

Even if you’re an eco friendly shopper you won’t be forgotten on Black Friday. Still there are many durable brands who have some GREEN deals on black Friday that will make you smile and give you a positive conscience. So you better watch out!

Komrads also offers a green deal. By every Komrads APL sold we donate €10 to Trashpackers and you get some advantage too. Enjoy a €10 discount on your purchase of Komrads APL’s.

By becoming aware of this impact and looking for positive, honest and sustainable alternatives, we can hopefully make Black Friday a bit of a ‘Green Friday’. 

It’s time to wave Black Friday goodbye!