How to draw on your canvas sneakers

  What’s better than a pair of white Komrads? A pair of white Komrads customized with your own design! Last year we were part of the Footloose – The Musical premiere at Kursaal Oostende and we pimped up some Partizan Whites for the occasion. The result? Dope sneakers, a bunch of happy guests and a whole lot of “OMG! I WANT THOSE!!!!” comments on Instagram. But did you know that it’s actually really easy to draw on canvas sneakers yourself? It might sound like a recipe for disaster, but don’t worry, we are here to guide you through this life-changing experience and support you every step of the way. All you need is some confidence and the following ingredients:
  • A pair of white Komrads (duh)
  • Paper, pencil and an eraser to plan your design beforehand
  • Fabric markers
  • Some kind of waterproof spray
Step 1: Plan your design I know planning isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do but trust me: this time it’s necessary. It is after all a tattoo for your shoe. Before you actually start permanently marking your shoes, you have to make up your mind about what you want to draw. So, sit down, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and let the creative juices flow. Have you suddenly run out of ideas? Fear not. The Internet is your friend.   Step 2: Sketch your drawing Once you have finalized your design, the real work begins. First sketch the outline with pencil so you’ll have a template you can easily edit. After that, it’s the fabric markers’ time to shine. Tip: thin-tip markers are great for precise marking and writing.   Step 3: Finishing the job We’re almost there, my friend. Now you just need to pick a dry place where the shoes can chill for a while. Let the ink sink into the fabric for 24 hours. After that you can protect your masterpiece against weather-related dangers by using a waterproof spray. And just like that you have customized your pair of sneakers. You can officially add “Artist” to your Instagram bio. Da Vinci could never.