Who made my Komrads?

Group of workers in factory holdig sign 'I made your shoes'

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of what you’re wearing?  

This week, Fashion Revolution week (19-25th April) is all about gaining a deeper understanding about the social and environmental impact of what you wear.

It’s already the 8th year that the Fashion Revolution week takes place. It started back in 2013, right after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, which killed & injured many people. Since then, the fashion revolution has gained more global attention.

Finally we can spill the tea! A while ago we shaked hands with BCOME, a sustainability platform that helps (fashion) brands to build more efficient, transparent and ethical value chains. 

WHAT? It’s an audit to trace, measure and evaluate all the processes behind the production of our Komrads sneakers. 

WHY? We measure data to improve and be more transparent to you. With all known data we can improve every step of our production chain and the quality of our products. 

As a sustainable fashion brand we want a transparent communication so we don’t hide these answers for you…

Who made my shoes?

We work together with a factory in Portugal where all our Komrads APL sneakers are produced and where we can guarantee the highest social & working conditions for up to 77 people. We care about every single human that’s involved in the production chain of our sneakers. As you can see in the BCOME audit on our website we score high (71%) on social & ethical initiatives, a number based on all our initiatives and certificates. Which means that our sneakers are marketed in an ethical and responsible way.

What’s in my shoes?

A sneaker made out of recycled and re-used materials.

Upper: vegan apple leather. The apple leather is made of apple waste (peels & cores). An ecological and vegan alternative to leather. 55% apple waste, 40% synthetic resin and 5% PU (Polyurethane).

Sole: 100% recycled pure rubber from car tyres.

Lining & laces: recycled cotton & plastic bottles.

Removable insole: recycled plant-based carbon. Carbon is a plant-based supermaterial that has absorbing properties.

We don’t take transparency lightly. That’s also why we share all these results with you. We want you to have a clear view of our story and our products, because we have nothing to hide! 

We listed all the topics of the BCOME audit. You can find it on our website next to every product.

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