World Fair Trade Day

Today is World Fair Trade Day from the Fair World Project. This day is celebrated yearly on the second Saturday of May and this year is no different. 

On this special occasion we want to celebrate the small-scale producers who represent the core of the World Fair Trade organization and all the sacrifices they make for a better future with sustainable communities. 

What is Fair Trade all about? 

The Fair Trade movement and their established partner brands will team up with these small-scale farmers for training, organic development and restoration projects. By doing so, they make sure to establish a more fair and sustainable supply chain. Furthermore, these practices make sure that local farmers are able to feed their families and communities and on a larger scale even 80% of the world’s population with just a fraction of land. 

That is why if you buy Fair Trade products you will contribute to help these small-scale farmers around the world and the positive change that they provide on the environment.