It was a shitty year but…

Year 2020

There were a few things that made us remember why we started Komrads in the first place. Not only producing sneakers made out of re-used and recycled materials but also make people happy and bring them a real Komrads feeling. 

A few days ago we (Mark and Greet) went shopping at IKEA. While we were waiting at the cash register we ran into an elderly, friendly man, dressed up with our Komrads APL. We started a conversation and he praised us and our sustainable sneakers. The man was so delighted with our Komrads that he recommended the sneaks to his wife and daughter too, meanwhile they have bought five pairs of APL’s all together! After a small talk, the man gave us some extra courage and said that we were doing a great job. This conversation lifted us back up and made us remember what the Komrads feeling is all about. Giving joy and doing something good for people and our planet.

2020 was a challenge for us, but there were some highlights too

  1. 21 october, known as International Apple Day. The day we officially presented our new collection to you. We welcomed the high top sneaker to our sustainable APL family together with a monowhite and monoblack variant of the low tops. A new high top collection made out of apple leather and recycled materials. 
  2. We crossed the line of 10K Facebook followers this year and the number keeps growing! All thanks to you. 
  3. Do you want to know our best selling sneakers? It may not surprise you, but our number one best-seller is the APL monowhite high top, followed by his low top variant and on the third place the king of all canvas sneakers: Partizan Black & White. 
  4. We have also put a lot of effort into the press this year. Maybe you saw one of our articles in the magazines or newspapers? Our story is published 33 times in the press. No worries if you missed it. Here you can find an overview. 
  5. Without a website our webshop would not exist and without customers there’s no business. You quite surfed a lot to Over 195.463 users visited our website at least once. 

And we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of this either without you. So thank you for all the support and love you’ve sent us. We cannot wait to continue our growth in 2021. See you next year!