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10 years of Fashion Revolution day! - Komrads

10 years of Fashion Revolution day!

Komrads celebrates the 10th anniversary of Fashion Revolution Day!

A Day to remind us of the importance of ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. A day to create global awareness about the impact of fashion on people and planet

At Komrads we consider ethical working conditions as one of our main focus points. Therefore we produce within the EU (Portugal). Where our manufacturer is also committed to fair and safe working conditions. On a regular basis we visit our production factories,ensuring that your sneakers are made under fair wages and fair working conditions.


But we do more. Our distribution partner vzw NEKTARI gives vulnerable people with a distance to the job market (disabled, ex-prisoners, refugees) a chance to get a meaningful job and develop their talents.

Fashion Revolution Day takes place in memory of the tragic event of April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza disaster. The building, located in Bangladesh, housed 5,000 workers, mostly women, working in poor conditions. On that tragic day, the building collapsed, killing 1,100 people and injuring 2,500 others. To this day, Fashion Revolution Day symbolizes the urgent need for safe working conditions in the fashion industry, as well as fair wages for all workers.


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