Our planet resources are limited.

This irreversible fact drives us every day to create

full-circle footwear & apparel made out of recycled and re-used materials  






Komrads APL sneakers are made with only recycled and re-used materials. The upper is 100% eco apple leather, while its other components are made from recycled cotton, recycled rubber, re-used carbon & recycled plastic bottles .

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When the Sovjets designed the ICNS as an answer to the Western Shoe Revolution, it was completely unaware it was about to shape cult history. This legendary sneaker, still produced in the original factory in Partizánske, has been summoned to a new era of cool.

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We Pursue a No-Waste Planet

For Future Generations 

Komrads want to go the extra mile. Therefore we strive to grow as an impact company. Together with our partners we want to take the first step towards a better & more sustainable world: 


  • Lowest possible impact on the planet we live on
  • No killing or harming any living creator
  • No social unacceptable working conditions
  • No harvest of natural commodities (or as less as possible) 
  • Recycled and reused materials (waste)
  • Production in Europe (also of the raw materials)
  • Being responsible as a brand (no shift towards the consumer)
  • No compromise on quality, design and comfort


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