At Komrads we made a promise

to create sneakers with the lowest possible impact by using locally sourced recycled materials

with respect for people and planet, ’cause this planet needs you to give a sh*t!

And thus we incorporate sustainability at all the levels of our company, we made it part of our DNA.


Komrads APL

Komrads APL sneakers are made with only recycled and re-used materials. The upper is 100% eco apple leather, while its other components are made from recycled cotton, recycled rubber, re-used carbon & recycled plastic bottles .

A sneaker for which we do not have to harvest natural commodities. A sneaker built entirely from re-used and recycled materials. Made out of apple leather.

Komrads ICNS


When the Sovjets designed the ICNS as an answer to the Western Shoe Revolution, it was completely unaware it was about to shape cult history. This legendary sneaker, still produced in the original factory in Partizánske, has been summoned to a new era of cool


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