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KOMRADS: probably the most sustainable sneaker in the world

Photo of apple leather

Our Partner Frumat

Frumat® was founded in 2009 in Italy and is active in the transformation of biological industrial residuals from the production of apple juice into new raw materials for the development of innovative products.

Frumat® works closely with Italian juice companies making the AppleSkin™ a 100% Italian material.

Frumat® partners with MABEL, an Italian textile company, providing their facilities to produce the material. Their collaboration helped develop a sustainable material with high technical specifications, composed up to 50% of retrieved industrial waste that would have been otherwise destroyed with all annexed costs and damages to the environment.

Lifestyle photo of Komrads APL monowhite sneakers

50% recycled apple fibre and 50% waterborne PU.

The result is a durable, environmentally friendly, breathable material (thanks to its organic composition), that is smooth to the touch, and good for hard wearing accessories.

Photo of apples

The material is based on apple waste of the Italian fruit and juicing industry, which is recovered by Frumat. Frumat grinds the residuals, such as stems and peels, into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with a powder blend of polyester, PU, cotton, and viscose, necessary to give the material strength and durability. The powder is then delivered to Mabel Synthetic, where it is mixed into a liquid material. The liquid is pumped into large containers where it transforms into a solid state. After that, the solid material is pressed to get the look of a fabric, it is colored and then goes into a large oven to dry. In the final step of the production process, the inside lining is attached and the material ready to be pressed, for example with a Croco print to create our Croco effect leather. Small leftovers of the material are melted and reused for producing new batches.

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