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Recycled rubber, the sole of our products! - Komrads

Recycled rubber, the sole of our products!

Our commitment to the planet is evident in our choice of materials: soles of recycled rubber soles. Unlike traditional rubber production, which contributes to massive deforestation, we repurpose materials, including shredded sneakers, to create eco-friendly footwear.
Because Komrads want to produce the most sustainable sneakers on the market, sustainable soles cannot be left out. That is why we use 100% recycled rubber soles for all our collections (ICNS, APLS & OCNS). In this way we provide circular and sustainable shoes and help build a no-waste future for future generations.
Recycled rubber sole
By choosing recycled rubber shoes and soles, you're reducing waste and minimizing your carbon footprint. Together, we can redefine fashion by prioritizing sustainability and showing the world that style doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. Join us as we walk towards a greener future, one recycled sole at a time.

How is it made? 

We first have to remove other attached non-rubber parts and clean the remaining rubber. Then the rubber is shredded into smaller pieces that can fit the granulator to transform the rubber into crumb rubber. This granulate can be used for other production like our soles.


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