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5 easy steps for a more sustainable living in 2021 - Komrads

5 easy steps for a more sustainable living in 2021

Our ecological footprint is getting bigger and bigger and that has an huge impact on our planet. Fortunately, more and more people are realising that living as if we had three planets is no longer possible. Maybe you want to start living more consciously in 2021, but as a newbie you have no idea how to start. We would like to get you started with these 5 simple tips for a green start.

Besides Covid-19, sustainability is a term that is no longer unknown to us. It has quickly become an important topic of conversation in the 21st century. When we talk about sustainability, we immediately know why we do or don’t do something, but answering the "how do I do this?" question remains a challenge for many.

There are 101 ways to live more conscious, but important to keep in mind is: take one stap at a time. Here we go!

1. Be a conscious consumer

During the pandemic, did you perhaps get a taste of what your local farmers have to offer or did you start working in your vegetable garden? That’s already the first step towards a greener living, but buying more conscious is key. Think about all the zero waste goods like reusable straws, shampoo bars, ecological cotton pads. These days you can’t ignore all the Belgian, sustainable webshops like Sustainable Family, De Groene Stadshut, Kudzu, Sebio… who can help you with these first steps. Also buying second hand or slow fashion is a good alternative. Think about our vegan apple sneakers, made out of eco apple leather.

2. Choose plant-based alternatives

I know, a bite of a perfectly baked piece of meat is hard to refuse for the meatlovers among us. Unfortunately, animal products are very environmentally harmful. Just think of all the CO2 that animals emit or the massive water consumption that is involved. Eating no meat or less meat can be incorporated into your routine step by step. By the way, eating plant-based food more often is healthier for your body; according to the Nutrition Centre, it reduces the risk of various diseases. Reason enough to do things differently. A challenge to you: try to use every part of your vegetables. This article from De Morgen can help you.

3. Waste less water

This tip may seem easy, but the temptation to take a hot bath or shower after a long day is big. Without realising it, you have been wasting water unnecessarily. A short five-minute shower not only saves the environment, it also saves time. Win-win situation, right? Moreover, you can reuse the water that you let run unnecessarily for your green friends at home. Finally, you can use rainwater to flush the toilet, for your washing machine and in the garden.

4. Sorting waste properly

The plastic soup or better know as our beloved ocean. It owes its name to the large amounts of plastic and other waste that end up in the ocean. The more we sort correctly, the less waste ends up where it doesn't belong. Why? We sort to recycle. A lot of waste can be turned into reusable materials that we can reuse to make consumer goods, like Komrads sneakers. Together, we are part of a circular economy.

5. Change your travel plans

Through Corona, we got to know the splendour of our own little Belgian country all over again. In doing so, we unconsciously engaged in sustainable tourism, because there was no need to take the plane. Nowadays, you can go anywhere by train and it is incredibly relaxing to lose yourself in the landscape that’s flashing by. Travelling by train is a green initiative and you don't have to deal with long traffic jams in the heat anymore. We regularly take the train ourselves. You can easily travel by train to the most beautiful regions in France and elsewhere. Allez, on y va?

These tips can make you a shade greener in your quest for a more sustainable life. Remember, every small step counts and together, you and I are contributing to a better planet.

Greens out!



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