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NEW: Komrads socks, made of recycled jeans - Komrads

NEW: Komrads socks, made of recycled jeans

Komrads teamed up with HackYourJeans to create the very first Komrads Socks...

Every year millions of jeans are produced worldwide but only a small portion of this amount is recycled or reused. This got to change!

This was also the initial idea of ESG (European Spinning Group) when they created HackYourJeans.

'Hack your Jeans' goes from Denim to Komrads Socks in 4 steps:

Step 1: Collect post-consumer Denim:

You can donate you jeans in the nearest collecting container, the sorting is done locally! Proper jeans goes to second-hand stores as you want to extend the lifespan as long as possible, worn-out jeans gets a separate circuit for companies that use them as raw material.


Step2 : Shredding the denim to fibres

The post-consumer denim material is shredded mechanically by our partners into a recycled fibre of the best quality. This fibre is the raw material of our further processing steps.


Step 3 Spinning Yarn

By blending the denim fibres with ecological fibres such as Tencel®, dope dyed viscose or post-consumer recycled polyester, ESG spins a functional open-end yarn, fit for your circular needs.


Step 4 Creating new and innovating Products

That’s were Komrads becomes a partner. We asked ESG to develop the very first Komrads Socks


Now: get your free pair of socks when you buy a pair of sneakers!


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