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We are on a mission against overconsumption!

Let's pave the way towards a greener future with 3 fundamental steps:
prioritize reduction (in consumption and waste), then reuse, and finally, recycle.

So much has already been produced; let's recycle existing items. Join us on Black Friday and return your old sneakers in exchange -only if you need ones!- for some new, sustainable, 'nice for our planet' Komrads sneakers. 

We will collect sneakers from all kind of brands, shred them and give them a new life as sole for our next generation Komrads sneakers. 

Why, you might ask?

Well, because a mind blowing 22 billion pairs of shoes end up in landfills. And this need to change rather today than tomorrow. That's why we strongly believe our future needs to be TRULY CIRCULAR.

So keep an eye on our website this Friday 24th of November and find out what your old sneakers are worth!

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