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8. Mai 2024

Happy Mother's (Earth) Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and this year, we are celebrating it in a special way by honoring our beloved Mother Earth. From May 9th to May 12th, we invite you to join us in celebrating Mother Earth by participating in our exclusive Mother's Day promotion. 

3. Mai 2024

Find out how Komrads can help you live plastic-free this May!

Let's use this “Mei-plasticvrij” as an opportunity to do our part for a cleaner, healthier world. Because this planet needs you to give a sh*t.

23. Apr 2024

10 years of Fashion Revolution day!

Komrads celebrates the 10th anniversary of Fashion Revolution Day! A Day to remind us of the importance of ethical a...

19. Apr 2024

Recycelter Gummi, die Sohle unserer Produkte!

Our commitment to the planet is evident in our choice of materials: recycled rubber soles. Unlike traditional rubber production, which contributes to massive deforestation, we repurpose materials, recycled rubber, including shredded sneakers, to create eco-friendly footwear.

21. Mär 2024

Let's celebrate World Water Day together

Today, March 22 we celebrate World Water Day, a time to reflect on the preciousness of our water and the need to trea...

12. Feb 2024

One pair of sneakers = twice the love!

By giving a pair of sneakers to your loved ones, you are not only giving love to your valentine but also to the planet.

29. Jan 2024

The power of a short supply chain.

As a pioneering sneaker brand in sustainability, we adopt a short supply chain approach and proudly produce all our sneakers in Europe.

4. Dez 2023

The KLIMAATZAAK won their court case against the Belgian governement!

On November 30, 2023, Belgium made history. That day, the Brussels Court of Appeal definitively drew a line under the ailing climate policy of the Belgian governments. And it immediately prescribed the extent to which they must reduce Belgian emissions in order to prevent dangerous climate change.

20. Nov 2023


So much has already been produced; let's recycle existing items. Join us on Black Friday and return your old sneakers in exchange -only if you need ones!- for some new, sustainable, 'nice for our planet' Komrads sneakers. 

9. Nov 2023

Komrads becomes a TRULY CIRCULAR brand

In a world grappling with the ever-increasing problem of waste disposal, landfills have become the ominous symbol of our throwaway culture.  At Komrads however, we have taken the concept of a circular economy to heart with our OCNS collection, which reimagines the way we manufacture and recycle sneakers.

1. Nov 2023

Komrads x De Lijn: SEATRS!

Discover SEATRS! Komrads & De Lijn are taking sustainable steps with a sneaker made from leftover fabric from seats from old buses: the SEATRS! SEATRS are sneakers produced by Komrads in Portugal. Like all the Komrads collections, they are composed of only recycled materials, but this time also with a very iconic and recognizable print-design: the iconic design of the bus seats of De Lijn.

1. Nov 2023

Our modern world is dominated by overconsumption and mass production. The time to change is now!

The month of November, a month dominated by Black Friday, at Komrads is all about overconsumption and mass production...
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