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Our new collection: Komrads OCNS - Komrads

Our new collection: Komrads OCNS

Komrads is proud to announce that our OCNS are added to the sneakers collection.

As we want to pursue a no-waste planet for future generations, we have therefore focused ourselves at the pressing plastic pollution problematic. This means that for the new model we have created a fashionable sneaker made out of recycled ocean plastic!

productshot of Komrads ocns


Our oceans are contaminated with at least 80% of all marine debris being plastics. Every year, there are still 12 million tons of plastic being dumped in our oceans while production shows no sign of slowing down! Also, currently another 300 million tons of plastic is being produced worldwide, with 50% for single-use purposes only! That is why we at Komrads decided that it is time for change! 

Productshot of komrads ocns sea mist


We have teamed-up with Sequal, who recycle ocean plastic and make it into one of the best earth friendly fibers in the world. It guarantees high quality polyester yarn from recycled materials, including plastics captured from the seas to preserve our planets waters and all its wildlife. Other than that, we also provided the sneaker with a sole made out of 100% recycled rubber! This way we can make sure we provide the most ethical and sustainable sneakers possible.

Because we know how much you love our Komrads, we have provided the opportunity to pre-order our new OCNS now at a great discount, for a limited amount of time!

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