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6 Reasons why we are Truly Sustainable

At Komrads we commit to create a sneaker with the lowest possible impact on the planet we live on. It’s a promise to produce a sneaker made entirely of re-used and recycled materials,
without having to harvest any natural recourses. A sneaker that didn’t involve killing or harming animals or chopping down rain forests.

A sneaker that is a genuine solution to the problem, part of the circular
economy, produced with respect for people and planet. Without compromising on quality, comfort and design.

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1. Recycled & Certified Materials

For the production of our sneakers we use materials that are: recycled, certified, vegan & tracable.

Komrads at Nektari

2. Ethically Made

Our sneakers are made in Portugal; therefore, we can guarantee that they are made under strict European working conditions.

Our fulfillment is handled by Nektari, a sheltered workplace, providing employment for people with disabilities, ex-convict and those who have a lesser change on the regular job-market. We feel blessed to work with them and learn from them.

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3. Impact on the Planet

At Komrads we measure the impact we have on the planet. Our goal: step by step towards zero-impact.

Every sneaker has a story, a cost, and an impact - on people and planet. A fact, easily forgotten when faced with enticing green marketing.

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4. Circularity: ReBirth program

Of the 24.2 billion pairs of shoes manufactured globally each year, experts say that most of them (97%) end up in a landfill or incinerator, because there are simply too many shoes and not enough recycling solutions.

This means only 3% of all sneakers are given a second life. We collect your old Komrads sneakers and use them to produce new raw materials.

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5. Our Story

Our adventure started back in 2015 when Komrads was founded with one sole purpose: creating a sustainable cult brand rooted in current culture, embracing the now but with huge respect to the heritage of our product and the planet we live on.

Appealing to a community of dreamers, creators, musicians and believers.

We produce with respect for people and nature.

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6. Activism

We encourge the many people to become #komradsofthefuture.

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