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KOMRADS: probably the most sustainable sneaker in the world


Our mission:Our planet’s resources are limited.This irreversible fact drives us to create full-circle, vegan footwear & appareland encourage the many people to become#KOMRADSOFTHEFUTURE


Nov 22, 2022

Why we don't believe in Black Friday

Black Friday is a very artificial day that is made to boost e-commerce. A day that we as a sustainable brand don't want to be a part of. With Komrads we strive for a no-waste planet, so we say 'NO' to this mass consumption day. We always look for an alternative, so here's your GREEN FRIDAY DEAL...   

Nov 17, 2022

Ons verhaal is simpel: we maken sneakers van afval!

Ons Verhaal – We zijn wereldliefhebbers en sneakeraddicts. Maar vooral zorgzame ouders. En dus besloten we om de toekomstige generaties te beschermen en te laten groeien op een leefbare planeet. Met minder afval en meer plezier.

Sep 20, 2022

Xandres and Komrads Walk The Green Way

 When two fashionbrands work together... We made a sneaker of recycled materials, based on the original Komrads APL collection, but with the look and feel of Xandres.

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