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How to keep apple leather clean & fresh? - Komrads

How to keep apple leather clean & fresh?

Our APL sneaker is made of apple leather and colored with biological paint.  But do you know how to clean apple leather? Wondering whether you can just cleanse them like regular leather sneakers? We’ve got all the answers for you. Just keep on reading.


Apple leather: strong & naturally UV resistant

Let’s be honest: the only real way to keep brand-new white sneakers looking spick-and-span is to never wear them. Of course, that’s out of the question. You can clean apple leather sneakers the same way as regular leather sneakers! Apple leather is exceptionally strong, naturally UV resistant and it’s a cruelty-free material.


Let's get dirty

If you give your apple leather sneakers some extra love, they can last you for years to come.

  • Light stain?
    Wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Stubborn stain?
    Wipe with a damp cloth (not wet) and then let the leather dry naturally. Never wipe harshly. Being gentle and taking your time is key.

In this video, we explain step by step how to proceed. 

Preferably use a faux leather cleaner

Did you know there are cleaners made specifically for faux leather maintenance? Better safe than sorry: if you use a cleaner or protectant always test in a small, non-noticeable spot first. You definitely don’t want to make a second stain while trying to clean the first. (Don’t forget to read the instructions first when using products.)


Make cleaning your sneakers a routine

Spare just a few minutes every day to brush off any dirt with a soft brush. Even when they’re not that dirty. There is an expression in Dutch that goes: prevention is better than cure. So if you don’t want your APL’s looking grubby consider cleaning them daily. It will save you trouble down the road.


Tip: If you are looking for a good and eco-friendly cleaning product we can highly recommend 


Check out our apple leather sneakers. The latest vegan craze taking off around the world.

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