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Why we don't believe in Black Friday - Komrads

Why we don't believe in Black Friday

It should come as no surprise by now: Black Friday is anything but sustainable. 

We all are familiar with this day. The most of you have already participated once, but from our point of view, Black Friday doesn’t fit in our mindset. 

It’s a very artificial day that boosts e-commerce and encourages people to buy new items, often throwing away their 'old' but still usable stuff. Or even worse: making impulse purchases, which are soon discarded. The planet suffers.

What is the impact of Black Friday?

Here are some facts which you don’t immediately think about when you press the ‘buy’ button.

For most retailers, Black Friday is a profitable day, but the smaller ones often pay off. Small retailers don’t have the strength to compete against the discounts offered by large retailers, although these days force them to take part anyway. 

Do you remember the Rana Plaza disaster? It became clear who pays the actual price for your ridiculously cheap t-shirt that ends up on the rubbish dump after one season. Hundreds of people work in bad working conditions to make all this clothing. That’s not fair right? These Black Friday side effects harm our planet. Both man and nature.


Make a difference

Komrads strives for a no-waste planet, so we say NO to this mass consumption day. We always look for an alternative, to create awareness among our consumers. So for this Black Friday we chose to set up a more 'playful' campaign: on Black Friday we only sell a garbage bag and a pair of gloves. Our goal? We want to encourage many people to clean up their neighborhood, street and environment. 

 Black Friday campaign picture

Get your Komrads dirty and the planet clean

Of course, we don't do this alone. We are teaming up with Tijmen Sissing, founder of the Trashpacker Foundation, a community of locals, backpackers and travellers who collect waste while travelling. Together with the global proactive non-profit organisation, we organise clean-up events. In this way, we want to encourage people to do their bit and give something back to our planet.

We pursue a NO-WASTE planet for future generations.  

 Cleanup challenge

We make sustainable choices as a brand today and tomorrow... we hope you do the same! 

Buy your cleanup package for €7,99. 

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