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The insights of recycled cotton - Komrads

The insights of recycled cotton

Instead of just regular cotton or organic cotton, Komrads uses recycled cotton. The fast popular gaining fabric is used at Komrads for the ICNS collection. The upper, inside lining and laces are fabricated with the reusable fiber. 

But, what is recycled cotton actually? And how is it made? 

Well, there are two main components for recycling textile. Namely, pre-and-post consumer textiles. Where the pre-consumer category takes the number one spot in volume. It contains all scraps and leftovers from production, while post-consumer textiles are finished and used goods like clothes or towels. To recycle all these materials back into fibers, all the collected items need to be separated and sorted by color. Once this is done the shredding process can begin. The materials are first shredded back into yarn and afterwards shredded again into new reusable fiber. Which eventually, is also spun back into new yarn to be used in the production of new finished products like our ICNS. 

What are some advantages of recycled cotton? 

Well, recycled cotton first of all saves a lot of energy and water. For every kilogram of recycled cotton, 765 liters of water are saved compared to using normal cotton. Furthermore, you also save 2KG of CO2 and 600 grams of oil. Also, no new dye has to be added as the textiles were already sorted before the recycling process. Lastly, using recycled cotton will help decrease the amount of landfill across the globe, since around 80% of all textiles end up as landfill.

With these benefits, we definitely believe that investing in recycled cotton is a must to create a circular and sustainable no-waste planet for future generations. 

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