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Komrads x De Lijn: SEATRS! - Komrads

Komrads x De Lijn: SEATRS!

Discover SEATRS!

Komrads & De Lijn are taking sustainable steps with a sneaker made from leftover fabric from seats from old buses: the SEATRS!

SEATRS are sneakers produced by Komrads in Portugal. Like all the Komrads collections, they are composed of only recycled materials, but this time also with a very iconic and recognizable print-design: the iconic design of the bus seats of De Lijn.

How it’s made?

The SEATRS (got the name?) is made of recycled post-consumer ocean plastics (SEAQUAL) combined with the recycling of discarded material of the bus and tram-seats
The soles are made of recycled rubber including 15% recycled and shredded Komrads sneakers from their ReBirth program whereby is asking customer to sent back their sneakers to the company and so they can be shredded and reused as a raw material in the sole of the sneakers. A genuine circular solution.

About the collab

This collab between a big, national transport company and a small innovating start-up as Komrads is definitely the way to go and a perfect example of how small can help big! With Komrads, we make a sustainable sneaker with the least possible impact on the environment that is also trendy and comfortable. The collaboration with De Lijn therefore fits perfectly into our store."
De Lijn has long been working to reduce CO2 by encouraging everyone to leave the car at home more often. In addition, De Lijn is investing heavily in the electrification of its own fleet, hence the "move along to less CO2" on every streetcar and bus. De Lijn wants to replace all vehicles, and these do not simply go to the scrap yard, but as many parts of them as possible are recovered.

How to get an exclusive pair?

The first print run of 500 pieces of SEATRS will be launched in early November through a number of influencers. On the box you can read the story behind the shoe, and an online film takes you behind the scenes of its production. Those who want a pair should keep an eye on their social channels and be especially quick!

Check their social media channels: Christophe RamontEmma CeuppensNaomi TimmermanNawelChloëJodie and Anna Livia.


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