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Komrads becomes a TRULY CIRCULAR brand - Komrads

Komrads becomes a TRULY CIRCULAR brand

In a world grappling with the ever-increasing problem of waste disposal, landfills have become the ominous symbol of our throwaway culture. We've become accustomed to discarding old products and materials without a second thought, contributing to environmental degradation.

At Komrads however, we have taken the concept of a circular economy to heart with our OCNS collection, which reimagines the way we manufacture and recycle sneakers.


The Landfill Dilemma

Landfills have long been a cause for concern. They represent a glaring problem for the environment, as they release harmful gases, leach harmful chemicals into the soil, and take up valuable land space. The sheer volume of waste we produce has made landfills unsustainable, and it's high time we rethink our approach to waste management.

Enter the Circular Economy

The circular economy is a concept that stands in stark contrast to the linear "take, make, dispose" model of consumption. In a circular economy, products, materials, and resources are designed, produced, and used with the aim of maximizing their value and utility while minimizing waste and environmental impact. This approach not only conserves resources and reduces pollution but also fosters innovation and economic growth.

Circular economy


Komrads' OCNS Collection: A Circular Game Changer

Our OCNS collection redefines how sneakers are made and recycled, making them a TRULY SUSTAINABLE and TRULY CIRCULAR choice for consumers. Our groundbreaking OCNS sole is crafted from shredded old sneakers, extending the life of materials and reducing waste.

We support a Closed-Loop System by repurposing materials from old sneakers thus reducing the need for virgin resources. 


By creating a truly circular sneaker we are not only setting a trend but also setting a standard for sustainability within the fashion industry. Our innovative and circular approach challenges the prevailing linear consumption model, which generates tons of waste and drives environmental degradation. 

The OCNS collection showcases that it’s possible to create quality products without compromising on sustainability.

The need for a more circular economy is evident in a world overwhelmed by waste, and our OCNS collection is a breath of fresh air in a very polluting sneaker industry. By repurposing old sneakers to create new ones, we are helping to reduce waste, conserve resources, and drive sustainable consumption. In a society that's increasingly aware of its environmental footprint, we are on the way for a greener, more sustainable future. 

It's a shining example of how we can turn the tide on our wasteful habits and embrace a circular economy to protect our planet for future generations.

Discover our TRULY CIRCULAR OCNS collection here.

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